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If you’re looking for drug and alcohol support you are in the right place.

YSAS services are free for young people. We have many different programs in a range of locations that can help you. A good place to start can be checking out our services and locations near you.

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Call our YoDAA (Youth Drug + Alcohol Advice) team for a confidential discussion about what might options are available


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Our support services

YSAS provides effective youth alcohol and other drugs treatment and supports young people and families with services to improve mental health and meaningful community participation.

Our sites and programs are located across Victoria with 19 sites and 380 early intervention specialists and primary health practitioners, here to support you.

The latest from YSAS

Young Person  

There are many reasons young people come to YSAS. For Tara Schultz, it was a problem with marijuana. “I was nervous,” Tara remembers, “because I thought cannabis wasn’t a big enough deal to seek help.” But Tara wanted support to stop smoking. And so at age 16, she…

Understanding Youth Drug and Alcohol Use  

Understanding the signs can help you know what to pay attention to and when to respond.

• It has frequent negative impacts on a young person’s health and wellbeing.
• A young person has less control over their substance use than they desire.
• Substance uses gets in the way of important…

Young Person  

There’s an old saying in social work: if you want to help people, you have to meet them where they are. For Akash Nadar, that meant heading over to his parents’ house in the back of a police van.*

The year was 2019, and Akash’s home life, which…

Understanding Youth Drug and Alcohol Use  

Rehab programs have been made to help you adjust to life without drugs and/or alcohol and get back in control of your life.

YSAS residential rehab is a community-based program where you live for up to six months with other young people who are going through similar challenges and are…