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Youth participation

Youth participation is young people in decision making that will directly affect them and the services they are a part of.

Youth participation at YSAS

At YSAS, your lived and living expertise can drive positive change in your experience at YSAS and and that of other young people using YSAS services.

You can make effective decisions about the YSAS services you are a part of.

You can support YSAS in ensuring we are:

  • Building a place of inclusion and respect
  • Ensuring safety and trauma-informed care
  • Encouraging participation for and with young people
  • Embracing diversity and difference
  • Co creating service design, development and review with YSAS young people
  • Responding to the context of young people and their cultures

Workers will encourage you to find spaces of power in decision-making that affects you and the people around you.

Such spaces include:

  • Feedback and Complaints [include the link here]
  • On site confidential feedback and complaints drop box
  • Decision-making in your care plans
  • Programs and events happening at your site
  • Informal feedback sessions held at your sites
  • Youth Month
  • Youth Advisory Committees (YAC) (The CREW, headspace Collingwood YAC, headspace Frankston & headspace Rosebud YRG)

As a young person, you deserve recognition for your time. Speak with your workers or the Youth Participation team about the recognition that you receive when involved in opportunities that improve YSAS.

If you have any further questions, ask the YSAS Youth Participation Team: youthparticipation@ysas.org.au or call them

Youth Advisory Committees

Youth Advisory Committees at YSAS are inspiring, diverse and dedicated groups of young people who volunteer and come together to use their voice to create change, both within YSAS and the broader youth sector. They are passionate about co-creation, youth voice and involvement in decision making, and youth mental health and well-being. At YSAS, we have three Youth Advisory Committees that operate in different areas of the organisation.


The CREW is a vibrant and diverse collective of young people who come together to take action and make change. CREW members utilise their lived and living experience to support the development of YSAS through decision making and advocacy.

The CREW recognises that young people are experts in their own life and their lived and living experiences of using YSAS services or having a connection to YSAS
services are highly valuable in decision making for YSAS and the young people who use our services

The CREW code: Creating change across YSAS and beyond whilst having fun, connecting, and learning new skills. Ensuring that young people’s lived expertise is valued and central to organisational decision making.

Why apply for The Crew?

  • Be a change maker
  • Advocate for young people
  • Get involved in decision-making at YSAS
  • Bridge the gap between workers and young people
  • Raise the profile of youth
  • Reduce stigma and discrimination
  • Share and develop your ‘skillz’
  • Use your lived and living experience to make change
  • Meet other young people
  • Add to your resume

Who can join The Crew?

  • Young People aged 16 – 25 with a connection to YSAS.
  • Young people aged 16 – 25 who have a family member, partner or close friend connected to YSAS.

What to expect when joining The Crew?

  • Fortnightly meetings – The Crew decides the day, time and place
  • Free training and workshops
  • Contribute to decision-making at all levels of YSAS
  • Passion projects [see video below]
  • Meet with YSAS senior leadership (e.g the Board)
  • Food and snack provided
  • Recognition payments

How to join: call or email us!

headspace Collingwood Youth Advisory Committee

  • Are you aged between 16-25?
  • Are you passionate about mental health?
  • Do you want to make a change at headspace Collingwood?

To find out about the YAC or how to get involved, email reception.

Join headspace Collingwood’s Youth Advisory Committee (YAC)

“We represent the youth voice in the service. As well as providing a young person’s perspective on service delivery and policy and procedures, we also look at advocacy. So, advocacy for both headspace, the centre itself, and youth mental health in general.” – YAC Member on what the YAC does.

To find out about the YAC or how to get involved, email reception.

headspace Frankston and headspace Rosebud Youth Advisory Committee

Our services at headspace Frankston and Rosebud are influenced by the hard work of our Youth Advisory Committees (YAC). Our YAC is run by a peer worker who works one day a week on all things youth participation. The YAC is a group of young people that make sure headspace Frankston and Rosebud are informed about the current needs of young people and ensures young people are kept at the centre of our service.

The group meets every three weeks and runs regular fundraising events in the community, develops projects, informs policy and processes at our centre, speaks at schools and local organisations, runs a blog and creates social media content, as well as generally makes our centre a better place to be.

To find out about the YAC or how to get involved, email reception.

The YAC is a group of passionate young people that work with our centre to give:

  • Guidance and feedback
  • Collaborate on events and campaigns
  • Create social media
  • Ensure youth voice is heard!

If you are:

  • 16-24 years old
  • Live, work or study in the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula area (Rosebud)
  • Are passionate about youth mental health
  • Want to be involved in headspace Frankston/Rosebud decision making

Join the YAC!

To find out about the YAC or how to get involved, email reception.