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Understanding Youth Drug and Alcohol Use  

If a suspected overdose is occurring call 000 and wait with the person. Don’t let worrying about getting in trouble stop you from calling an ambulance in an emergency.

Taking too much of a drug; or mixing different drugs can lead to overdose.

It is very hard to know exactly…

Getting help  

Drinking alcohol is generally accepted as a common social activity in Australia. Because it is so popular and easy to access it doesn’t have the negative image of other drugs. This can make it hard to figure out if your drinking is becoming a problem.

Thinking about your drinking behaviour…

Staying safe & reducing harm  

Taking drugs always has some risks.

If you are going to use substances here are some tips to reduce harm.

Try to stick to a regular, trusted dealer. Ask them questions about strength and purity. They will hopefully let you know if it is stronger than usual. If purchasing from…

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