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YSAS Commitment to Child Safety Statement

YSAS considers the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people to be our highest priority. We are committed to ensuring that young people are safe while accessing our in-person and online programs and services. This is guided by a wide range of policies, procedures and practices. All children and young people who come in contact with

YSAS services have the right to be protected from harm and abuse and have their safety and wellbeing prioritised. Young people will be informed of processes, have their views heard and will be included in decision making where appropriate. All of our staff and volunteers are carefully selected, supported and trained so that they are skilled to act in the best interests of young people. All of our staff who are working with young people will provide a satisfactory police check at the time of their appointment and staff and volunteers will also have a valid Working With Children Check.

We commit to:

• The safety and wellbeing of all young people who come into contact with and/or access our programs, services or facilities.
• Embedding the Child Safe Standards into our everyday practice at YSAS.
• Creating an environment for young people to be safe and to feel safe.
• Providing young people with positive and nurturing experiences.
• Listening to young people and taking their views seriously.
• Empowering young people to know and understand their rights.
• Taking action to ensure children and young people are protected from exploitation, abuse or harm.
• Providing all YSAS staff with the support necessary to fulfil their roles. This includes regular and appropriate learning and development opportunities and supervision.
• Listening and responding to all concerns voiced by YSAS staff about keeping young people safe from harm.
• Providing opportunities for YSAS staff for support and counselling arising from incidents of child or young person abuse.
• Using thorough safeguarding practice standards for recruiting, screening and employing staff and volunteers.

We expect staff and volunteers to:

• Not harm or exploit children who come into contact with and/or access our services.
• Take seriously and act on any concerns raised by young people or others.
• Understand young people’s rights.
• Be respectful of young people.
• Abide by all policies, regulations and laws in relation to the safety and protection of young people. This includes understanding the Reportable Conduct Scheme.
• Understand and acknowledge the significance of children and young people’s family relationships.
• Always follow the Code of Conduct.
• Understand and respond to young people’s individual needs.
• Actively promote and advocate for the safety and wellbeing of young people.
• Understand their reporting obligations.
• Cooperate with police and/or other formal investigations.
• Recognise and respect the diverse and specific needs of the young people and communities who access our services.
• Respect the cultural and religious practices of families who access our services.
• Be aware of employment practices in relation to working or volunteering with young people, such as keeping their Working With Children’s Check up to date and participating in a regular National Police Checks (staff only).