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YSAS Intersectionality Statement

We are committed to people of a diversity of backgrounds and identities being included, represented, and having the opportunity to participate equally in the life of our organisation and the communities in which we provide our services.

While it is not possible to fully comprehend the complexity of all human experience, we learn so much through including and building relationships of mutual trust and respect with First Nations peoples, people with disabilities, people who are LGBTQIA+, people of colour, and people from various cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. We are also committed to gender equity.

Being open to learning helps us to understand how systems of power and privilege can significantly contribute to marginalisation, disadvantage, and long-term harm.

At YSAS we strive to create the conditions where people of a diversity of backgrounds and identities feel safe, enfranchised and valued.  Our organisation is greatly enriched when everyone’s life experiences and communities can contribute to the way that we interact with each other and our work.

To this end, we commit to prioritising inclusion and equity in everything that we do, including the enactment of a YSAS Inclusion and Equity Plan. We will learn and reflect on the implementation of the identified priorities, adapting as needed, and enabling our organisation to become more inclusive and equitable over the next few years and beyond.