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The site is just around the corner from the train station, across the road from the park (and courts) and a short walk to the plaza and the market. Dandenong is a bigger site and can get pretty busy. There are rooms for appointments, a recreational space with a pool table, TV, music studio, graphic design and t-shirt making and a kitchen with food for you to enjoy.

Reach out to YSAS Dandenong by giving us a call.

155 Lonsdale Street Dandenong, VIC 3175
(03) 9701 3488


REVAL Day Program

The REVAL Day program is for 14 – 21 years, need significant support with your drug and/or alcohol use, and would like to improve your health and wellbeing this program can help.

REVAL is a safe and friendly space for you to engage in activities and programs that respond to drug and alcohol related issues. At REVAL you can do music, graphic design, fashion, adventure and sports, or health and fitness and more. Youth Workers will also be there to support you to find a way back into education, employment or training.

Things to think about

Day program activities usually run for a few hours a day. They are usually groups programs which means you will be interacting with other young people too.

Who is this best for?

This program is a good option if you:

• Want a safe drop-in space
• Don’t attend school or work during the day
• Have limited supports (social or other)
• Have housing issues
• Want to get to know YSAS and see what it is about

Home-based Withdrawal Nurse

If you are between 12 – 25 years, want to go through alcohol and/or other drug withdrawal while staying at home or in community (in safe and stable accommodation with family and/or friends), home based withdrawal might be for you.

The Home Based Withdrawal Nurse can also help you with your physical and mental health, as well as link you to other wellbeing, educational, employment and recreational services.

Things to think about

Home Based Withdrawal Nurses can help you with other health issues, not only withdrawal. They provide outreach support, which means they can come to you and give you practical support with your health and other needs.

This program is a good option if you:

• Have ongoing illnesses
• Have complicated medication regimes
• Are on pharmacotherapy (Methadone, Buprenorphine)
• Have dental problems
• Are pregnant and using substances
• Have a safe home environment for withdrawal

Youth Support Service

Youth Support Services connect you with a youth worker who can help you make changes so that you don’t keep getting in trouble with the police.

If you are between 10 – 17 years, have recently been in contact with police and could be at risk of entering the youth justice system this program can help.

Youth Support Service can help you if you have/are:

• Recently been in contact with police
• Been doing risky things lately (running away from home, getting into fights)
• Finding it hard to cope
• Experiencing homelessness
• Experiencing family conflict
• Have Court coming up and need some advice
• Want to make changes
• Need general support

YSS is voluntary, which means that it is up to you whether you are part of the program. It is separate from the legal process and is here to support you and your family to reach your goals.

YSS can help you and your family to deal with problems before they get too serious.

Referrals are made by Victoria Police, legal representatives or Court staff however self-referrals are encouraged by you or your parent (with your consent). If you have had recent contact with Victoria Police in any way, please contact 1800 339 897 and our friendly intake worker will have a chat with you

Things to think about If you have been referred to YSS by police you will get a phone call from a worker to make sure that you want our help and to find out what has been going on for you. A time to talk on the phone again or an in-person appointment will also be organised.

Alcohol and Drug Youth Consultant (ADY-C)

The Alcohol and Drug Youth Consultant (ADY-C) provides access to alcohol and drug support services for young people in residential out of home care and adolescent community placement. The ADY-C also provides secondary consultation, professional development and capacity building to statutory services to ensure a more coordinated and integrated service response to young people with alcohol and drug issues.

Reval Ink

REVAL Ink runs out of Dandenong Day Program however, if you are 12 -25 years and already connected with YSAS you can access the program, no matter where you live. If you are interested in art and graphic design, would like to get to use professional design software in a supportive space and get to print your new design on a T-shirt or hoodie then it is time to get in contact with REVAL Ink.

Embedded Youth Outreach Program (EYOP)

The Embedded Youth Outreach Program (EYOP) is run in partnership Victoria Police that provides after-hours assertive outreach support for young people coming into contact with Police. The role of the youth worker is to help police connect more positively with young people and to responsively assess the needs, provide support and referrals to the young person.

Find out more here.

Family Support Specialist

The Family Support specialist worker can support you and your family or caregivers to; help your family understand drug use and adolescent development, organise family meetings so you can work to understand each other’s perspective and improve relationships, and identify strengths and goals.


An assertive outreach approach is used to connect with young people from new and emerging communities as well as their peers and families. The program works in practical ways to increase access to resources, encourage pro-social community connection, strengthen family relationships and support young people to engage in education, employment and other meaningful activities.

Many young people in the Transformer Program are involved in Youth Justice and Community Corrections. However, young people do not require referrals from these agencies to access the program. Family members and carers, community members and young people are welcome to get in contact directly with YSAS Dandenong to seek access to the Transformer Program.


Pivot, the Youth Crime Prevention program, aims to increase protective factors, community connectedness and sustained engagement in school, training and/or employment for young people aged 14-22 years who are serious or recidivist offenders. Intensive case work, tailored support plans, and therapeutic and family-based interventions address the challenges faced by the young people, and divert them away from chronic, long-term offending. PIVOT is run in partnership with Taskforce Community AgencyJesuit Social ServicesMission Australia and Kids First Australia which supports young people residing in Dandenong, Casey, Frankston and Mornington Peninsula LGAs. Duration of support is long-term to affect meaningful and positive change in the young people’s lives.