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Trying a new pill or powder

Here are some simple and important things to think about if you are trying a new pill or powder:

Remember! What is in a pill or powder, how it is made, and how strong it is can vary.

Start low, go slow. Be safe.

New substance check list

• Be around other people you trust
• Use in a place you feel safe
• Start small – the amount you are thinking of taking, halve it…. now halve it again!
• Wait at least 90 minutes before taking another dose. Some drugs take long to have an effect and using more too early can result in overdose.
• Don’t mix drugs. This includes alcohol and prescribed medications.
• Do not have a bath, swim, drive or do anything that puts you or others at risk. Many drugs affect co-ordination (movement and focus) which can make normal activities dangerous.
• If something goes wrong CALL 000.

Websites to check out when trying a new substance

Check out these websites for information on reducing risks and health consequences