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Geelong Residential Withdrawal is a bright and friendly place to come to clear your head.

At YSAS Geelong you’ll have access to a house gym, fresh and healthy food, great people to talk to and your own room.

Reach out to YSAS Geelong by giving us a call.

(03) 5248 4777


Residential Withdrawal

Geelong Withdrawal Service (or detox) is a 5 bed unit that provides intensive support for up to 14 days to young people aged 12 – 25 and is a chance to have time away from your daily life in a drug free space.

At Geelong you will learn about relapse prevention, harm reduction strategies and practice strategies to maintain changes to keep yourself healthy and safe.

While you detox at Geelong you can do:

• Art, music
• Gym, swimming
• Meditation/relaxation
• Outings
• Basketball court
• Xbox
• Pool

Referrals can be made by:

• Young people or family members/loved ones
• YSAS Community Programs
• Meditation/relaxation
• Through community alcohol and other drug services, GPs, primary and mental health service, youth justice and homelessness services

Things to think about

Intensive support means that there are always youth workers in the unit to help. Also, because you are ‘living’ in the unit for your stay you can’t actually come and go without supervision by staff or others as arranged. However, outings and activities (including some outside the unit) will keep you busy! On the day you arrive you will settle into the unit and you will see a doctor or medical staff who will complete a really detailed health assessment. This information helps us to keep you safe and look after you as well as we can.

Who is this best for? This program is a good option if you:

• Feel your drug and/or alcohol use is really out of control
• Feel other areas of life are in crisis (family, housing, physical and emotional health)
• Don’t have any other safe drug-free places or much support you can really on to help you try to have a break from using drugs
• Have tried to cut down or stop using at home or in the community but it has been hard

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