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We can come out and meet you in a place where you feel comfortable.

At YSAS Bendigo we provide a range of different services including outreach to young people across the City of Greater Bendigo and the Loddon Shire.

Bendigo YSAS is based at 8 King Street Bendigo and is located just off Mitchell Street (near Target). It is easily accessible and is close to public transport. Whether you are looking for drug and alcohol, family, mental health, general health, education, or employment support, give us a call or drop by the office for a chat with one of our friendly staff. If you do drop by the office – just remember to ring the buzzer so we know you are here.

Reach out to YSAS Bendigo by giving us a call.

8 King Street Bendigo, VIC 3550 Site Manager Linda
(03) 5444 2969



Outreach support is flexible in lots of different ways.

Outreach means YSAS drug and alcohol workers can come to you. They will meet you in your own space or in your own community; wherever you feel safe.

Outreach workers support you how you want to be supported and make sure that the help you get is matched to your needs.

If you’re between 12 – 25 years and have problems with your drug and/or alcohol use an outreach worker can help by:

• Assessing your needs and making a support plan with you
• Alcohol and other drugs support and education
• Referrals and linkages
• Practical support (getting Centrelink sorted, organising a doctor’s appointment)
• Family support
• General counselling
• Justice support
• Harm minimisation

Outreach is a good option if you:

• Have a lot of other things going on in your life as well as use of drugs and alcohol
• Need practical support to get stuff sorted while working on your drug and alcohol use
• Find it hard to make it to an office to catch up with a worker

Things to think about

Sometimes you will still need to organise an appointment to meet up with your outreach worker. The appointment may be in the office or somewhere in the community that you feel comfortable.

Home based withdrawal nurse

If you are between 12 – 25 years, want to go through alcohol and/or other drug withdrawal while staying at home or in community (in safe and stable accommodation with family and/or friends), Home Based Withdrawal might be for you.

The home based withdrawal nurse can also help you with your physical and mental health, as well as link you to other wellbeing, educational, employment and recreational services.

Things to think about Home Based Withdrawal Nurses can help you with other health issues, not only withdrawal. They provide outreach support, which means they can come to you and give you practical support with your health and other needs.

This program is a good option if you:

• Have ongoing illnesses
• Have complicated medication regimes
• Are on pharmacotherapy (Methadone, Buprenorphine)
• Have dental problems
• Are pregnant and using substances
• Have a safe home environment for withdrawal

YSAS mental health AOD nurse practitioner

The YSAS Mental Health AOD Nurse Practitioner provides sexual health testing, vaccination check-ups, referrals to AOD withdrawal and rehabilitation programs, pharmacotherapy and psychological interventions.

Family Support Specialist

The Family Support Specialist worker can support you and your family or caregivers to; help your family understand drug use and adolescent development, organise family meetings so you can work to understand each other’s perspective and improve relationships, and identify strengths and goals.