The Ringwood YSAS team provides the following services to young people living in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne:
YSAS Youth Outreach

YSAS outreach teams work with young people aged 12-21 who are experiencing significant problems with their alcohol and/or drug use. Our outreach teams work in places and spaces where young people congregate and feel safe. We create access to services by engaging with young people in environments and on terms in which young people feel comfortable.

YSAS Youth Support Service

YSS is designed to support young people aged 10-17 who have had recent contact with police and who may be at risk of entering the youth justice system. YSS supports young people and their families to address problems before they become too serious. YSS is a voluntary service which operates independently of the legal process to help young people and their families achieve their goals. Referrals to this service are made by Victoria Police with the consent of both the young person and his/her parent(s).

YSAS Home Based Withdrawal

YSAS home-based withdrawal services support young people aged 12-21 who wish to undergo alcohol and/or other drug withdrawal while remaining in the community (either at home with family/friends or at another safe accommodation). The service also addresses the primary health, psychological and emotional wellbeing needs of young people and can provide links and referral to other health, welfare, educational, vocational and recreational services.

YSAS AOD Youth Consultant & Principal Practitioner
  • CONSULTANT: The ADY-C provides access to alcohol and drug support services for young people in residential out of home care and adolescent community placement. The ADY-C also provides secondary consultation, professional development and capacity building to statutory services to ensure a more coordinated and integrated service response to young people with alcohol and drug issues.
  • PRINCIPAL PRACTITIONER: (ADYPP) Victoria’s first Alcohol and Drug Youth Principal Practitioner works collaboratively with Out of Home Care, Child Protection and Youth Justice in the Eastern Metropolitan region providing specialist AOD assessment and advice for high-risk young people exiting Out of Home Care or Youth Justice Centres. The Principal Practitioner consults on care planning, education and support for case managers and care treatment teams, and facilitates complex care coordination for young people.
YSAS Supporting Health Education, Recreation and Personal Autonomy (SHERPA)

The SHERPA program aims to support young people aged 12-21 with problematic substance use issues by promoting connection to pro-social activities and community supports. The program seeks to reduce AOD related harms, increase connection to work or education, build meaningful community connections and improve physical wellbeing. The program model includes the components of; 1:1 case management and care coordination, weekly sessions of community engagement activities (e.g. Cooking, council programs, leisure activities) and adventure-based recreation sessions and camps. The model will allow for the activities to be targeted to the needs and interests of those participating. Participants will be able to exit the program by achieving their personal goals and needs rather than being time-limited.


YSAS Ringwood is part of the No Wrong Door Initiative. No Wrong Door services and schools commit to actively engaging young people, ensuring that each young person receives appropriate and adequate support for their needs, regardless of whatever door or service they walkthrough. Find out more here


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