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Using drugs safely

Choosing to use substances doesn’t mean you don’t want to feel safe, stay healthy and be happy.

Here are some things to think about so that you can be as safe as possible and reduce the risks of your use.

How do I score?

Are you getting into debt to fund your use? Stealing, scoring illegally or using a substance that has already been in someone’s mouth or worse? This can be risky and cause problems for you pretty quickly. Write down the risks you are willing to take to score and the risks that you aren’t willing to take. Know and respect your own limits.

How do I take it?

You might know injecting is more dangerous than smoking but did you know a bong is more dangerous than a joint? Halving a hit is safer than taking it all at once and rotating your injection sites is safer than using the same vein every time. Has the way you use become more risky over time? Think about whether you can use the same substance in a safer way.

How do I act?

Does your substance use cause you to say or do things you usually wouldn’t? Fights, burglaries, sex, blackouts? Do you regret things you have done when intoxicated or high or when you are hungover or coming down? Decide what is important to you and think about how your substance use does or doesn’t match.

Being intoxicated isn’t the problem

Do you feel like you are fine when using but really struggle when you are sober? Comedowns can get worse over time, and so can risks of mental health issues like paranoia and anxiety.

Things you do now can protect your brain for the future. How’s your head when you’re not using? Think about whether your use is having a negative effect on your wellbeing. If you are starting to feel out of control or if you notice your moods and mental health getting worse get some help.

Remember, even if you don’t have a problem, there are always ways to use more safely.