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Effects of drugs and alcohol on the body

If you are drinking a lot in one go you might notice you start to feel sick, shaky or even blackout. Also the more you drink, the worse you will feel when you are sobering up. When you drink a lot of alcohol over a long time this can result in serious problems like brain damage, heart and liver failure, cancer and dependency.

Reducing harm

• Count your drinks and how often you drink.
• If you have been drinking regularly and are not feeling well these things may be related. It could be a good time to talk to a doctor about your health.
• Make sure you have at least 2 days without alcohol every week.
• Notice if you are saying or doing things when drinking that you regret (if you are then it may be useful to cut down, or have a break).

If you are worried about a your own or a young person in your life’s drug and/or alcohol use call our Youth Drugs and Alcohol Advice line.