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Policy submissions and position statements

YSAS is Australia’s largest, youth-specific community service organisation. Our prime focus is to deliver effective Youth AOD treatment and early intervention services, and to do this well we provide sector leadership and advocate on issues to improve outcomes and opportunities for the young people and families we work with.

YSAS Response to National Family Violence Crisis

The Youth Support and Advocacy Service (YSAS) stands alongside and acknowledges the strengths, agency, and resilience of victim-survivors of family violence. Holding a vision of…

YSAS Resilience-Based Practice Framework

The Resilience-based Practice Framework outlines our model of care and Five ‘Key Practices’ that are employed by our practitioners and within our programs to ensure…

YSAS Adolescent Withdrawal Guidelines (2016)

These Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Adolescent Withdrawal Guidelines have been developed as a resource to support clinicians who are working with adolescents seeking to…