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Drug and Alcohol services

Specialist programs

Our Specialist Programs aim to support and meet the unique and specific needs of particular groups of young people and support young people across AOD, mental health and youth support.

The programs vary from region to region, and are reflective of their communities.

The purpose of our specialist programs is to provide help for young people who may otherwise miss out or not get the kind of help they need in other programs or services.

Youth Empowerment Project (YEP)

The Youth Empowerment Project runs out of Sunshine.

It works with young people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds who are experiencing problems related to their drug and alcohol use.

The project focuses on supporting young people dealing with homelessness, complex relationship issues (including family violence), immigration issues and justice related issues.

Mobile Health Access Project (MHAP)

The Mobile Health Access Project is a mobile health service that runs out of Sunshine.

This project is a partnership with Co-Health. It offers drug and alcohol focused outreach and health support provided by youth workers and a qualified nurse.

Family support

The Family Support specialist worker is based in Bendigo.

They can work with you and your family or caregivers to; help your family understand drug use and adolescent development, organise family meetings so you can all work together to understand each other’s perspective and improve relationships, and identify strengths and goals.

Supporting Health, Education, Recreation and Personal Autonomy (SHERPA)

The YSAS SHERPA program runs out of Ringwood.

If you are between 12 – 21 years, have problems with your drug and/or alcohol use and want to get involved in some activities and make connections this group program can help.

The program aims to reduce drug and alcohol related harms, increase connection to work or education, build meaningful connections to community and improve physical wellbeing.

Included in the program is; one-on-one appointments with a worker to focus on your particular goals and needs, weekly community based activities, such as cooking and adventure based sessions.

The types of activities/sessions that are chosen change depending on the needs and interests of group members.

Through SHERPA young people can get involved in: Graffiti Workshop, Terrarium workshop, Art Workshop, Herb garden, Baking workshop, Candle making workshop, Trivia session, Clay workshop, Tie Dye Workshop, Christmas Baubles decoration, Soap making workshop, BBQ lunch in park, Phillip Island Camp, Horse ride, Art Workshop, Beach day and lunch, Luna Park, Go Karting, Cable Park- Knee & wakeboarding, Archery Tag, Lawn Bowls, Swim with seals and dolphins, Treetop Adventure, Tennis, Rock Climbing, Mornington Camp.

YSAS Mental Health AOD Nurse Practitioner

The YSAS Mental Health AOD Nurse Practitioner is based in Bendigo.

They work to provide sexual health testing, vaccination check-ups, referrals to AOD withdrawal and rehabilitation programs, pharmacotherapy and psychological interventions.

Alcohol and Drug Youth Consultant (ADY-C)

The ADY-C runs out of Dandenong and Ringwood covering the Southern and Eastern Metropolitan region.

The ADY-C provides access to alcohol and drug support services for young people in residential out of home care and adolescent community placement.

The ADY-C also provides secondary consultation, professional development and capacity building to statutory services to ensure a more coordinated and integrated service response to young people with alcohol and drug issues.

Principal Practitioner (ADYPP)

The Alcohol and Drug Youth Principal Practitioner is based in Ringwood and covers the eastern region of Victoria.

The ADYPP works collaboratively with Eastern Metropolitan region Out of Home Care, Child Protection and Youth Justice Professionals to provide specialist drug and alcohol assessment and advice for high-risk young people exiting Out of Home Care, Secure Welfare or Youth Justice Centres.

The Principal Practitioner also consults on care planning, education and support for case managers and care treatment teams, while facilitating complex care coordination for young people.

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Young Parents Program

Young Parents’ Program is based in Frankston, covering the southern metropolitan region and Latrobe Valley.

If you are 12 – 25 years, are pregnant or raising children, have problems with your drug and/or alcohol use and are likely to have contact with Child Protection services, Young Parents Program is an option.

The program provides intensive therapeutic work and support to increase your parenting capacity, improve family connection while also working with you to reduce the impact of your drug and alcohol use.

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Reconnect is based in Ringwood, covering the eastern metropolitan region.

The program can support young people aged 12 – 18 years who have significant drug and/or alcohol problems and are at risk of homelessness due to family issues.

Reconnect focuses on improving connections with family, work, education and community, while also working on the reasons for and impacts of the substance use and how to make healthy changes.


REVAL Ink runs out of Dandenong Day Program however, if you are 12 -24 years and already connected with YSAS you can access the program, no matter where you live.

If you are interested in art and graphic design, would like to get to use professional design software in a supportive space and get to print your new design on a T-short or hoodie then it is time to get in contact with REVAL Ink.

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Family and Youth Early Intervention Program (FaYEIP)

The FaYEIP program runs out of Dandenong, covering the southern metropolitan region.

This is a family focused brief intervention program that supports young people aged 10 – 18 years who are experiencing issues related to drug and/or alcohol problems.

FaYEIP builds on the strengths and capacities in families which helps to reduce future drug and/or alcohol related risks for the young person.

The program aims to improve family connection, communication and self-care, build confidence in managing substance use concerns, and increase links to community.

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The Transformer Program runs out of Dandenong.

An assertive outreach approach is used to connect with young people from new and emerging communities as well as their peers and families. The program works to practically increase access to resources, encourage pro-social community connection, strengthen family relationships and support young people to engage in education, employment and other meaningful activities.

Many young people are linked to the program through Youth Justice, Community Corrections, and Victoria Police. However, families, communities and young people are welcome to get in contact.

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