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Moods and comedowns

Different drugs can make you feel different things: energised, loved up, aggressive or even make you see things that aren’t there, by changing the natural processes and chemicals in your brain.


A comedown is normal for most drugs, including alcohol. You might feel irritable, sad, empty, manic, depressed and/or tired when the drug leaves your system. As your brain gets back to normal balance you will most likely start feeling like your normal self again, usually in a couple of days.

But if drugs and alcohol are part of your daily routine, intense mood swings can become normal too. Stress can become even harder to deal with as time goes on, and you may become more dependent on substances to help you cope.

Learning some new ways to deal with stress and anxiety, instead of alcohol and drugs is a good idea. You could try breathing exercises, going for a walk, learning a new skill like gardening or woodwork or talking to a friend, counsellor or drug and alcohol worker.