The Glen Iris Withdrawal Service provides young people between 12-21 with intensive support to undergo respite or withdrawal from alcohol and/or other drug use. We have 5 beds for a stay of up to 14 days. You will have an opportunity to have some time out from your substance use and other lifestyle choices.

Your health and wellbeing is actively promoted through a holistic approach that takes into account your physical, psychological and emotional needs. A youth worker will support you to explore current problems causing  your substance use and develop relevant and meaningful responses. 

We work on a relationship-based practice to assist you to identify pathways out of problematic substance use. The units are staffed by youth alcohol and other drug workers with supervised medical care from GPs and nurses from YSAS’s Primary Health Service. There are regular therapeutic and recreational activities, including:

  • Art, music 
  • Gym, Swimming
  • Acupuncture, massage, relaxation
  • Outings 

You will also learn relapse prevention and harm reduction strategies, focus on your physical health. develop plans for the future and engage in discussions aimed at personal empowerment around your own substance use goals.

The Glen Iris Residential Withdrawal Program is free, confidential and voluntary. 

They help me think of strategies when I was sad and broken
  • By individual young people or family members
  • Through YSAS Community Programs
  • Through community alcohol and other drug services, GPs, primary and mental health services, youth justice and homelessness services.
  • Tel: 03 9889 4255