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Worried about someone you care about? NEED HELP NOW?

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Sunshine art therapy programme

Sunshine YSAS art therapy programme mural being painted
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On Friday 29th and Saturday 30th October 2015 an art therapy program was facilitated at the YSAS Sunshine office. The aim of the program was to impart clients with new skills in regards to street art, provide education centred on the legalities of street art/graffiti and also to revamp a section of the office.

An art program facilitated by YSAS Sunshine had been in the discussion stage for over a year, and was made possible by way of money raised by febfast and Victoria University (Sunshine). The end result was certainly worth the wait.

Four young people were selected from our client base, with their street art skills ranging from beginners to somewhat experienced artists. The group were assisted and directed by a highly skilled street artist, Andrew Dyson and supervised by YSAS Sunshine staff members, Dave, Emma and Zenaida who also tried their hand at spray painting with varying results!

Friday was a planning day with the day commencing at 10:00am, the young people were transported to the Visy Cares Hub where introductions were made and an overview of the two-days was provided.  Andrew provided the group with information regarding legal graffiti sites as well as information centred on the legalities of spray paint possession, police stop and searches, specialised police taskforces (used to combat graffiti) and graffiti exclusion zones.  

A trip to the local Bunnings Warehouse was undertaken and material such as drop-sheets, face masks and MDF boards were purchased by the group. A yummy pizza lunch followed this, before the group had a brain storming and sketching session whereby a theme and colour scheme for the piece of art was decided. “Multiculturalism” was the theme adopted with the word “Sunshine” being incorporated within this, topped with a city skyline, the group also agreed to spray paint a national flag which depicted their own heritage. 

A group trip was undertaken to Giant Productions situated in North Melbourne to purchase the spray paint required. The day concluded with the participants receiving a tutorial from Andrew Dyson on how to use the spray cans before the group had an individual practice run using the MDF boards.

Saturday’s session commenced at 10:30am with the group arriving keen and raring to get started. The young people worked well and safely throughout and assisted each other collectively whenever the need arose.  Some participants got so involved that they had to be encouraged to take a break in order to eat lunch! The day concluded at 5:00pm with everyone very much satisfied with the finalised piece of art.

Quotes from the day included: 

“That was so much fun”

“I didn’t think it would be this good”

“It was good learning new skills”

“Will there be any other programs like this”


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