Shopping at the supermarket might seem like a big expense, but it shouldn’t be.

  • Make a list before you go and stick with it. Think of all the meals you want to cook during the week, write down the ingredients you’ll need and avoid buying stuff that’s not on your list. 
  • Buy your fruit and vegetables in smaller quantities so they don’t go off. Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy fruit and vegetables from a grocer rather than a supermarket. 
  • Meat from a butcher is cheaper and better quality and it’s easier to buy the right quantity. 200grams of meat is a serving, so if you’re cooking for four people, 200g x 4 = 800 grams of meat.
  • Home brand products are cheaper and just as good as any other, as are products on special. Compare prices and sizes. 
  • ALDI is often cheaper than Coles or Woolworths.
  • The Reject Shop and $2 shops are great for buying toiletries, cleaning products, utensils and more for a cheaper price. 
  • Avoid shopping when hungry, you’ll end up buying quick and convenient meals that cost more. 
  • Cook extra so that you have leftovers! If you don’t want to eat it the next day you can always freeze it for the next time you can’t be bothered cooking.