Even if you have tried pills and powders in the past, what’s in it, how it’s made and how strong it is can easily change. Whether it’s Snapchat or any new pill or powder, here is a guide to staying safe.

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Watch this video 1st time with a new Pill or Powder

  • Be around other people you trust in a place you feel safe.
  • Decide what you think would be a small amount, then reduce by half…and then halve it again!
  • It can take time for you to get the full effect and overdose can happen when you take another dose too soon. Wait at least 90 minuets before using more.
  • Don’t mix drugs. This means includes alcohol and prescribed medications.
  • Avoid taking a bath or swim, driving or doing anything that might put you or others at risk if your co—ordination is off.
  • If something goes wrong don't hesistate to call 000

Call YoDAA. Ph: 1800 458 685.  We can talk you through how to reduce risk and stay safe