This Toolbox takes the vast range of evidence and literature that supports youth alcohol and other drugs (AOD) work, and presents it in an easily navigated and practical way.

The skills, resources and information in this Toolbox are for the use of youth-workers and supervisors providing AOD services to young people. 

The Toolbox can be used by newer workers who want to enrich or reinforce their knowledge, and by established workers who would like to add new skills or modalities. 

Examples of the Toolbox in action:
  • A youth worker who is starting out may need to brush up on safe-injecting practices to provide harm minimisation information to their clients.
  • An experienced worker who is working with a client with emotion regulation difficulty, and would like to introduce some elements of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy which has strong evidence supporting its efficiency.
  • A clinical supervisor identifies their staff member has a gap in their knowledge when it comes to providing BBV education to their clients.

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