YoDAA Youth Drug and Alcohol Advice is a one stop shop for anyone working with a young person who already has or is at risk of developing problematic substance use.

As well as an information and advice line staffed by Youth AOD workers online webchat and email services 9am - 8pm Monday - Friday, YoDAA offers the states most comprehensive online youth AOD resource. www.yodaa.org.au

At YoDAA workers can expect to find;

  • Current training and workshops throughout the state
  • Fast facts for workers – drug fact sheets
  • The latest on drug trends and news events from across the state
  • A secondary consultation service
  • Supported referral service
  • Workers forum
  • Up to date service finder
  • Guide to screening and assessment
  • Guide to support options

YoDAA also has portals for families / carers, schools and young people that can further support your work fielding questions from concerned others.

YoDAA is auspiced and funded by the Youth Support + Advocacy Service (YSAS), Victoria's leading AOD youth health agency. All information is evidence based and current.  YoDAA is staffed by a dedicated team of experienced youth professionals.


YoDAA is an information and advice line, webchat and email service staffed by Youth AOD workers.