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Need help?

We provide free, confidential support.
Mon - Fri, 9am - 8pm
1800 458 685
Worried about someone you care about? NEED HELP NOW?

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78 Articles


Drinking water while on ecstasy is really important. But...

Ecstasy (MDMA)

Ecstasy is also known as its chemical name ‘MDMA’. It comes in a small pill, coloured or white...

GHB, Graffiti Face

It’s so important to be careful with how much you take...


Gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB) is sometimes used as an alternative to ecstasy or amphetamines, but has a higher immediate risk...


If you are looking to withdraw from heroin, getting...


Heroin is an illegal depressant made from certain types of poppy plants. It’s known for being highly addictive...

Ice, Metamphetamines

Your heart races, you become really talkative (but a lot...

Ice (Metamphetamine)

While on ice you can feel alert, full of energy and like you can do or say anything...

Inhalants, aerosol spray cans, paint, glue, petrol, nitrous oxide, laughing gas, grafitti
It’s a cheap high but also a really dangerous one

When inhaled, they give you a feeling similar to being drunk...

Legal Highs, drugs, alcohol, YSAS, synthetics

Most ‘legal highs’ have only recently emerged as drugs...

Legal Highs

The term ‘legal high’ can be a confusing one, because some of the time what it’s describing isn’t actually legal...

Marijuana, cannabis

A common myth about pot is that it can’t be harmful...

Marijuana (Cannabis)

Cannabis is the most commonly used illegal drug in Australia...

Meph (Mephedrone), abstract graffiti

Meph pumps up your body temperature and heart rate, so it...

Meph (Mephedrone)

The high from meph is similar to a combination of speed and ecstasy...

Metahadone, drugs
Methadone treatment programs can vary from person to person

The effects of methadone are similar to heroin, except without the rush...

Speed and other Amphetamines

You might feel like everything is rushing and you’re...

Speed and other Amphetamines

Speed can give you the feeling of being charged and awake...

Synthetic cannabiods

If you think you may have a problem or you just want more...

Synthetic cannabiods

Synthetic cannabinoids are supposed to be like real weed...

What is Addiction?, Drug Abuse, Alcohol Abuse

You may feel like you have lost the ability to function...

What is Addiction?

Addiction is a word used to describe a state of being dependent on a substance...

YoDAA is an information and advice line, webchat and...

YoDAA Youth Drug and Alcohol Advice for Workers

YoDAA Youth Drug and Alcohol Advice is a one stop shop for anyone working with a young person...

Am I addicted?
Are you being dishonest with the people close to you?
Am I addicted?

'Addiction' is better described as substance dependence. There are many different levels of 'substance dependence'...

Are you worried about Overdosing?

If you’ve gone without drugs for a few days your...

Are you worried about Overdosing?

Unfortunately, it is really difficult to know exactly how much is too much. It depends on the substance and your body...


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