It’s likely that your child has already been exposed to drugs and alcohol in some way - whether through friends, movies, books, the internet or Breaking Bad. It’s also pretty likely that they’re starting to form their own opinions and attitudes towards drugs and alcohol. During this delicate time, it’s important for parents and carers to help guide the conversation. 


Speak to your child from a place of knowledge, rather than relying on myths and speculation. To get the facts, head to the drugs section of our website.


If you exaggerate the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol, chances are you’ll lose credibility with your child. Non-judgmental, informed language can often be the most effective.

Think of it as a conversation rather than a lecture.

Allow your child the opportunity to share his or her thoughts on the topic. Ask questions and listen to their responses calmly and respectfully. Think of it as a conversation rather than a lecture.


Be clear with your child about your beliefs surrounding drugs and alcohol. Let them know where you stand on the issue and set boundaries accordingly. It can also help to outline the consequences if those boundaries are broken.

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