Taking drugs can always be risky, if you are going to take them there are some tips to minimise harm. 

  • Mixing Drugs is a dangerous but common practice. While mixing can increase your high, it can also have unpredictably dangerous side effects due to how one substance reacts to another and how it reacts with the unique make up of your body and brain. For detailed information on the risks, read Mixing Drugs.
  • Never use drugs alone. And if partying while drug taking, keep your friends close. Drugs such as GHB, which can near-knock you out, have been linked to sexual assaults. Often overdose can be fatal because there is no one there to call for drug help or take care of you if you go out. 
  • Have access to a phone in case of emergency and never hesitate to dial 000 if something goes wrong
A fraction too much can tip your experience into dangerous and scary territory. When it does it is important to know where to get drug help.
  • Plan what and how much you are taking and when possible let someone you trust know what you’re doing.
  • Make sure you are well informed on what you are taking and the effects, both good and bad
  • Always take a lower dose than what you think you need 
  • Measuring and testing your dosage, and being aware of the effects of an increased dosage, is crucial. A fraction too much can tip your experience into dangerous and scary territory. For example, taking too much ketamine or acid can bring on a bad trip characterised by traumatic hallucinations, which can take a long time to wear off. In severe cases, failing to measure or understand safe levels of dosage can lead to an overdose (a very real risk with drugs such as heroin, ecstasy and GHB).
  • If something goes wrong when taking drugs, never hesitate to aske for help
  • If you are going to take drugs make sure you know and understand how they are taken and how this will affect you. Always use the appropriate tools and make sure they are hygienic. 
  • If you are unsure you can get information from the Harm Reduction Victoria website which focuses on reducing the risks and health consequences associated with unsafe drug use and get drug help.

If you would like to talk to someone about harm reduction call us on our 24 hour free YoDAA Line: 1800 458 685.