Ecstasy is also known as its chemical name ‘MDMA’. It comes in a small pill, coloured or white, often with a printed design on it. You might also see it in powder form. The drug is made in illegal laboratories from different chemicals. It can be swallowed, put in your drink or crushed up and snorted.


Some other names for ecstasy include pill, E, eccy, XTC, X, and bikkie. Specific pills are also given names by the colour and printed design on them. For example, ‘White Mitsubishi’ or ‘Pink Heart’.


When you’re high on a pill, you can feel energised and in love with the world. It can make you feel closer to people and like you could dance all night. Physically it makes your jaw feel tight, your pupils bigger, heart beat faster and brings up your body temperature so you feel hot and sweaty. The high starts to kick in after around half an hour, and the effects can last between 3 and 5 hours depending on the pill and the person.

Drinking water while on ecstasy is really important. But drinking too much is also dangerous!

The danger with taking X is that you can never be sure what’s in it. Sometimes there is no MDMA at all but rather a mix of other drugs that can have terrible side effects. Taking X can cause your body to overheat which leads to fainting and even death. Never hesitate to call 000 if something goes wrong while taking X. Drinking water while on ecstasy is really important. But drinking too much is also dangerous! You should sip water regularly rather than skulling it. Try to have one glass of water every hour if you're not dancing, or two glasses if you are. Drinking powerade is also good because it contains salts, which help you absorb the water. Taking regular breaks from dancing is also important.

Coming down from ecstasy can be rough. You will most likely wake up the next day feeling empty and depressed. And this feeling can last for days afterwards. Mood swings and feeling tired are also common during the comedown. While ecstasy isn’t physically addictive, you can start relying too much on it to have a good time, and it can often lead to using more drugs. Not to mention long term negative effects on your body.


Ecstasy is illegal in Australia, and if you’re caught by the police with it/using it, it is likely you will be charged. 


If you’re worried you might have a problem with ecstasy call us directly on 24 hour free YoDAA Line: 1800 458 685. We offer free, confidential advice and you will not get in trouble for talking to us.