Cocaine is a highly addictive, illegal drug. It gives you a powerful high for a short amount of time before it brings you down. In Australia, not only is it short lived, it’s also really expensive. The drug is made from chemically treating the leaves of coca plants, creating rocks of white powder. Most of the world’s cocaine production comes from South America. It’s been used throughout history for medical reasons and was once even prescribed by doctors to relieve depression and other illnesses. However it was later discovered that cocaine has many dangerous side effects.


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You’ll most likely see cocaine in the form of a white powder, which is snorted through the nose. The high lasts around 20 minutes. Then there’s ‘freebase’ cocaine which is powder that’s meant for smoking and ‘crack’ cocaine which comes in a rock form, and is also meant for smoking. Smoking it gives you a more intense high but for a shorter amount of time. The combination of cocaine and alcohol forms a third chemical called cocaethylene, known as sludge, which can build up in your liver over a number of years and lead to an early onset of heart problems. 

In Australia, not only is it short lived, it’s also really expensive

Cocaine can make you feel like you’re on top of the world. You feel confident and full of energy, like you can do or say whatever you want. However this can quickly turn to feeling worked up and even violent. It also raises your body temperature, makes your heart beat faster and reduces your appetite. Another downside is that as soon as the high is over, you may start feeling anxious and wanting more. A few minutes of fun followed by feeling lost and stressed out. And repeat. You can see why it would be an expensive habit to keep.

Some negative effects include feeling like a dickhead the next day, spending way too much money, having trouble sleeping, nosebleeds and a comedown where you feel like you’ve got the flu.


In Australia it’s illegal to have on you, sell and drive under the influence of cocaine. Getting caught could get you fined and in some cases even thrown in jail.


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