Alcohol is everywhere. In your parents’ fridge, at parties, clubs, pubs and sold legally to people over 18 practically anytime anywhere. Drinking alcohol can be a relaxing, fun thing to do but drinking too much can lead to all kinds of problems.

Some other names for alcohol are booze, piss, goon, grog, bev, bevvy, vino, tinnie, brew, champers and shot.

The reason alcohol makes you feel drunk is because it contains an ingredient called ethanol. Ethanol is a liquid which comes from fermenting grains or fruit depending on what kind of alcohol is being made.

Beer comes from the fermentation of grains and has an alcohol content of about 4-6%.
Wine is made from fermented fruit and has 9-16% alcohol content.
Spirits can be made from fermenting either grains or fruit. Spirits are the strongest form of alcohol, with around 40% alcohol content.

Drinking can make you feel happier, more confident, light-headed and hyper. Like whatever would normally worry you isn’t there anymore. But if you drink too much you can feel sick and vomity, shaky, out of control, suffer memory loss or feel really angry or sad. Getting out of control drunk can also lead to lost or broken property, fighting and other violent behaviour.   And more often than not, you wake up feeling pretty crappy the next day. 

A lot of alcohol over a long period of time can lead to serious health problems like heart and liver failure, brain damage, cancer. You may also start to feel like you can’t function without it, this may be referred to as alcoholism or addiction but a more accurate term is dependence on alcohol. You can reduce the risks by monitoring how much you drink and how often. 


If you’re worried about how your drinking is making you feel and need to talk to someone call the YSASline 1800 014 446.

While it’s legal for anyone over the age of 18 to buy and drink alcohol, in Australia it’s not legal to drink it in a public place. If you get caught drinking in public by police they have the right to give you a fine. If you get caught drink driving the fines can be huge, and you risk losing your license and even jail time in the more serious cases. Not to mention it puts you at a much higher risk of having a car accident and causing harm to yourself and others.

If you’re worried about how your drinking is making you feel and need to talk to someone call us on our 24 hour free and confidential YoDAA Line: 1800 458 685