LSD stands for lysergic acid diethylamide, but it’s more commonly referred to as ‘acid’ . Acid is a powerful hallucinogenic drug. Users often see, hear and believe things that aren’t actually there. 

Acid is a chemical substance that usually comes in tiny pieces of paper called blotters or tabs. But you might also see it in pure liquid form or absorbed into a sugar cube. It’s almost always swallowed. If you’d never tried it before, steer clear of liquid acid and the sugar cube version, as these can be much stronger. First timers usually test the waters with no more than half a tab. Trips can last up to 8 hours. Sometimes even more.


Trip, tab, fry, sid and blotter.


Acid can be an unpredictable drug. Sometimes it’s fun and beautiful. Other times it's scary and dark. If you are going to take acid it’s important to do it in a safe place with people you trust. You might see brighter colours and objects that look like they're moving, swaying and even breathing. Time can feel like it’s getting faster and slower. You might laugh uncontrollably or even cry. Moving your hand in front of you can leave what looks like a trail behind it. Imaginary visions can appear from nowhere. Acid can open your mind and cause you to think in different ways. Some people find it to be a positive, life changing experience while others can have a terrible and anxiety filled time on it.

What kind of mood you’re in before you take acid can also influence how the trip is going to go. It also just depends on how you’re wired as a person. If you or someone you know is having a bad trip, go to a quiet place, sip some water and let a close friend calm you down. Remember that whatever you’re feeling is the effect of the drug and it will pass.

Some people find it to be a positive, life changing experience while others can have a terrible, anxiety-filled time on it.

Outside of having a bad or scary trip, the dangers of acid are that you risk having a psychotic episode. It’s dangerous to be out of touch with reality for eight whole hours. It can cause extreme anxiety and panic attacks. People have been known to harm themselves or others while on acid. And if you have a mental illness or a history of mental illness in your family, you’re at higher risk of setting off a psychotic episode. In rare instances, LSD has caused a long-lasting disorder known as Post Hallucinogenic Perceptual Disorder (HPPD), which basically means you can be stuck in the trip permanently. 


Acid is an illegal drug in Australia and if you’re caught with it you may be fined and further criminal action may be taken. 


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